a dilation [for john] 2017

paintings on belgian linen, paintings on cotton canvas, paintings on canson paper, paintings on plywood, painted cupboard doors, timber stretches, painted timber, three timber plinths, plywood box, drawings on paper, collages, oil paint, acrylic paint, enamel paint, gouache, aerosol paint, timber dust, paint dust, plaster dust, ash, pencils, pencil shavings, eraser debris, pigments, ochre, charcoal, pens, sketchbooks, brushes, photographs, digital prints, ilford photographic paper, a4 graph paper, a3 graph paper, posters, books, magazines, newspapers, slides, shoe boxes, miscellaneous flyers, miscellaneous business cards, miscellaneous exhibition catalogues, cardboard, ring bound folders, masking tape, gaffa tape, carpet, cap, two pairs of painting shoes, bandages, miscellaneous tax receipts / records, radiology results, broom, wicker chair, one copy of my phd dissertation, titles, ideas, twenty-three years

detail 📷 Raphael Kilpatrick

supported by d___Lab, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University, through the SRF Funds

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