rendered uselessness [or] the constellating of marrickville 2014

as part of Useless, The Corner Cooperative, Sydney.

For Useless, a volunteer was invited to participate in the foraging, collecting, documenting and assembling of the work, rendered use[less]ness [or] the constellating of marrickville. This process-based work, seeks to develop a taxonomy of the detritus of Marrickville in the context of 2014. It poses that these objects, discarded to the urban dustbin of history, can perhaps be celebrated for their past lives and their current situations. By re-assembling and re-contextualising them at 10 Mitchell St, Marrickville, there is a further celebration of their potent future potentials.

Many thanks to Kelley Stapleton who collaborated on the project, and to Katie Winten and The Corner Cooperative.